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Healthy Recipes Curated by Registered Dietitians

Have you been wanting to take those first steps to eating healthier, but are overwhelmed at where to start? 


Meal prep and planning should not elevate your food-stress! However, for many people it can be challenging to find recipes that accommodate their health goals, work/family schedule, kitchen skills, and taste buds. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Meal plans and recipe ideas provide that extra level of support as you begin your journey to navigating lifelong healthy changes. Think of them as a set of training wheels to help you build confidence in cooking tasty and healthy food that works with your lifestyle. The best part: All recipes are created by nutrition professionals you can trust. 

How it Works: 

Pick a plan to suit your needs and sign up for the free 3 day trial. After your trial, plans start at just $9 a month!

Meals plans including snacks and automated grocery store lists are emailed to you weekly.

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